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Field Control Therapy® (FCT) is a unique, deep, complex and effective system of healthcare.

FCT is scientific healthcare that offers real health solutions.

As FCT incorporates many different aspects, there is no single definition which can do it justice, and we have therefore also decided to share below a diverse list of definitions as volunteered by different FCT practitioners and students, in case anyone wants to hear some other perspectives besides ours above.

Student definition which has been rated the most popular by other students:

Field Control Therapy is a relatively new healthcare system that specifically addresses the illnesses of the 21st century. Modern lifestyle comes at a cost. Poor diet, increased exposure to radiation, environmental pollutants and toxic metals are creating a host of new health problems from chronic fatigue to immunodeficiency, autism and MS, to name a few. FCT identifies key toxins underlying illness and treats with ‘causative homeopathy’ to restore healthy cellular functioning.

Dr Yurkovsky is the creator of FCT, and this is an extract of his own definition:

Field Control Therapy offers medical knowledge with clearly defined essential priorities in both diagnosis and therapy.

FCT empowers health practitioners with a deep, unique Bio-resonance testing algorithm for the accurate diagnosis of the underlying causes of imbalance in the human organism.

To address these disruptions in the normal homeostatic networks, FCT employs the safe and therapeutic use of carefully administered homeopathic isodes (nosodes) whose frequencies correlate with underlying structures involved. These remedies are accompanied with the necessary supportive organ measures in order to attain maximum health benefits with minimal to no healing aggravations.

The rest of Dr Yurkovsky's definition can be read here.

Below are alternative definitions as contributed by different FCT students/practitioners. Two of them were written by me (I won't reveal which!) - and in addition to these, the list also comprises the unedited descriptions of 19 other FCT students/practitioners. . . Just take your pick!

FCT is a very effective form of alternative medicine. It’s used to diagnose and treat the deepest underlying causes of any symptom or illness: it goes much deeper than other approaches. It’s worth looking into!

FCT is an exceptionally powerful cutting-edge system of integrative medicine. It draws from essential knowledge in both alternative and conventional fields to comprise: (i) a deep and comprehensive understanding of health, illness, key priorities and energy medicine; (ii) a new diagnostic technique to uncover the true causes of all illness, drawing from bio-resonance/kinesiology but with revolutionary new means of screening very deeply & for determining the best order of priority; & (iii) powerful therapeutics based primarily on a unique innovative system of causative homeopathy.

FCT is a new succinct homeopathic system which detoxes deep into the cells, prioritizes and heals the individual’s organs and revitalizes the whole body.

A treatment that is able to identify and remove the main poisons from the main organs of the body, e.g. heart, brain, etc. Designed by an American doctor who is a heart specialist.

A treatment that identifies and removes the main toxins from the organs of the body in a meaningful and controlled way.

FCT treatment is a bit like mending an electrical circuit. Do you remember learning about simple science and putting various objects across a bridge to make a circuit work? Well...our bodies are like this and our energy...the lightbulb will only be bright if all our circuitry is not impeded by any non transmitters in the circuit. Metals in this case are particularly bad and they stop energy flowing around our circuit. When this is removed, then the energy can flow again and we begin to feel better.

Effective diagnosis using kinesiology and sarcodes.
Effective treatment using sarcodes and homeopathy/toxicology.

FCT is an advanced form of ‘causative’ homeopathy. It is focused on the expulsion of modern-day toxins to allow the body’s natural healing to occur. Every treatment is tailored to the patient’s individual, neurologic and energetic response.

FCT is a therapeutic system of instructing the body to throw off deep-seated toxins which are preventing it from recovery. Individual testing ensures tailor-made healthcare.

FCT is a system of medicine that uses bioenergetic testing to find the root causes of disease and causative homeopathy to annihilate those causes.

Disease initially and primarily exists at the energetic level, not the biochemical level. FCT can determine these imbalances and eradicate them.

FCT is a way of discovering the root cause of health problems and eradicating those causes using homeopathy.

FCT understands that some of the body’s organs have been weakened by toxins such as mercury, which leaks from the dental fillings that most of us have, antibiotic residues, again which most of us have had, or even remnants of old vaccinations. It detects which organs are affected using a system of muscle testing and it then helps the body to release these toxins using a form of homeopathy. This form of homeopathy is also used to boost the particular organ as well as to bring the body in general back to health. FCT is also very specific about the necessity of adhering to certain food and lifestyle modifications that ensure that the body can recover fully and stay well. Depending on the person I am talking to I may add that it is a form of vibrational medicine.

This therapy will highlight the poisons in one’s body that are causing ill health and provide a means to get rid of them in the most efficient and safest method known to man today.

Field Control Therapy is a new complementary therapy based on a new branch of homeopathy, called causative homeopathy, which treats and deals directly in treating toxicity overloads in the body, infections, bacteria, traumas, past surgeries, etc., which are generally caused by poor nutritional status, poor diet, exposure to chemicals, toxicity in the environment, lifestyle, injuries and traumas. All these cause illness and injury to the body.

What is Field Control Therapy, in a nutshell? People often ask me this. If responding from the point of view of a healthcare practitioner, this might be the briefest of possible explanations of the three “lynchpins” of FCT:

(1) Understanding illness from a completely new perspective, via a pioneering system of energy medicine. Drawing key information from the fields of toxicology and quantum physics into medicine for the first time. Introducing essential concepts such as that of “key toxins” and how to deal with them effectively and safely, and at the deepest level possible in the body.

(2) Testing using a unique new form of bio-resonance that incorporates a “non-force” form of Applied Kinesiology (non-force = no muscle is pressed, meaning higher objectivity).

(3) Treatment using a unique new form of “causative” homeopathy, the deepest and most comprehensive therapeutic system biologically possible to address the root causes of illness.

It is also important to mention, of course, that FCT is the brainchild of a cardiologist and medical genius in New York called Dr Yurkovsky (his website can be read at www.yurkovsky.com ) who developed it as a new paradigm of medicine to deal effectively with the enormous “fall-out” of failures from other conventional and alternative medical approaches.

FCT is a treatment based on the concept of energetic medicine – similar to homeopathy in its method of application but working at much deeper levels within the body when appropriately practised. FCT deals primarily with the removal of deep rooted toxins held within our DNA/RNA molecular structures and other organs which are responsible for the survival and optimal functioning of the human and animal organism. To date people have reported profound shifts in their lives as a result of FCT treatments.

FCT is a system of medicine based in physics rather than chemistry. It uses the body’s own energetic field to test and diagnose. This determines the treatment – which is homeopathic – an energy based medicine. The main focus of FCT protocols is to alter the internal environment that allows disease to proliferate.

FCT is a sophisticated yet elegantly simply non-invasive method of working at a profound level with the body's innate intelligence to produce overall optimal health and functioning.  The practitioner uses bio-resonance testing via the autonomic nervous system and causative homoeopathy to assist in achieving this goal.

Wow, it’s amazing, you've just gotta try it!!

FCT is a new integrated understanding of health, complete with its own principles, diagnostics and therapeutics.

FCT provides us with a window to see into the body to discover what's really there. It gives us a blueprint for thoroughly and safely cleaning out all the pollution and debris which cause miscommunication not only between each cell, but between the master control centre in the nucleus of each cell and all the cell workers. When this is achieved, the individual is then free to manifest his/her true potential in life. The unique design of this blueprint allows it to be infinitely varied and fine-tuned for each person so that it can be applied safely with laser like accuracy. This is not a "one size fits all" method!

When this protocol is followed, it can be applied safely and with laser-like accuracy in any circumstances. FCT is an entirely new paradigm designed to provide a safe, effective way of restoring homoeostasis to the body. The inherent design of this blueprint allows it to be infinitely varied and fine-tuned so that it can be tailor-made for each individual at each stage of their progress.

This is not a one-size-fits-all method nor is it the shotgun approach of ‘if you give enough pills and potions something might have an effect’! Instead, FCT employs bio-resonance testing to determine the individual's needs regarding treatment priority of each organ/body system, the level of involvement, the strength and timing of each remedy and additional life-style protocols to follow to enhance the benefit of the remedies.

The remedies themselves contain specially prepared water, using the principles of homoeopathy. Unlike classical or complex homoeopathy, these remedies are primarily designed to be taken only once in one-drop doses. This method is known as Causative Homoeopathy.

By using bio-resonance testing via the autonomic nervous system, the most effective treatment protocol can be discovered with laser-like accuracy.

FCT is a synthesis of knowledge incorporating physics, quantum physics, energy related modern biology/biophysics, toxicology, immunology, immuno-toxicology, endocrinology and laws governing complex living systems. 

FCT is a safe new innovative way to discover the cause of any or all symptoms that deplete the energy of the body, while strengthening the immune system thereby preventing being ill in the future.

FCT tests the whole body, at an energy level, for systemic dysfunction, using a kinesiology muscle test. Suitable FCT homeopathic remedies are given to re-balance key energies.

What’s Your Poison? F.C.T. is excellent for chronic long standing problems. For example, sinusitis, sore throats, migraine. First the bioresonance testing can pinpoint the specific poison caught in the affected area, such as sinus, nasal passages, etc. and by using specialised homeopathic remedies cleanse all the organs affected. F.C.T. ensures the poisons are cleared out of the body completely, including from all the affected organs, especially the routes of elimination such as lymph, liver, kidneys, large intestine, etc. The poisons are cleared out layer by layer as required. This is known in F.C.T. as a washout. 

FCT is using energised vials similar to homeopathy to push out the different layers of toxins in the body while strengthening weak organs at the same time.

FCT involves a non-invasive test of muscle response identifying disturbances in energetics of individual components of the body for which homeopathic remedies may be prescribed. 

This is a partial and ongoing list of possible definitions of FCT! If you would like to suggest a new one, please email it to us for consideration.

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