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GENERAL TIPS: If you have already attended one or more teaching seminars, here is a list of tips regarding options available to you for developing your skills further:

1. Further courses: Continue your studies by attending forthcoming courses.

2. Home study: Extend your studies at home by reviewing your course materials, Dr Yurkovsky's books and articles, and the full DVD sets of each FCT seminar - preferably many times, as each time fresh insights will be gained.

3. Further reading: Explore the rest of the educational articles and sites linked from this site, in search of further inspiration and learning!

4. Practice: As soon as you feel ready, start practising the muscle-test and algorithm at home. Regular practice gives the best results, so put aside a little window of time each day, and keep at it regularly. In the beginning, you need no equipment to start practising - you can muscle-test yourself and friends while placing different toxic substances in their hands, and even more importantly, you can practise the test algorithm as a "dummy run" (not for real) until it's crystal clear. A "dummy run" means that you perform no physical testing at all, but go mentally through the test steps instead - which will at first be like finding your way through a maze until you familiarize yourself with the procedure. Then, once you are ready, you can order the essential testing kits. To start with, the essentials will be one metal platform kit, one Basic Kit, one Extensive Kit and one Pernicious Kit. Also get together with other students for regular practice meetings - this is how most practitioners got started themselves!

6. Inspiration: Never lose heart or forget the essential grains of wisdom underlying FCT - keep reminding yourself of the universal truths which form the foundation of FCT, review them regularly, and take them to heart. Once you have done this, only enthusiasm and inspiration can follow, and you will join the many others who have taken up FCT as a life-long passion! The alternative to this tends to involve denial not only of FCT but of the truths which underlie it concerning physics, life and the human body: don't take the easy way out by looking for a reason to deny the interface of physics and biology and its many implications as taught on the FCT curriculum. Mavericks like Dr Yurkovsky all too often bring home uncomfortable truths to us, but usually students are faced with a simple choice: either we must take the inspirational route - to swallow these truths and embrace the need to radically change our therapeutic approach and worldview at a fundamental level - or we must take the route of fear - to instead bolster up our current worldview by engaging in denial.

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