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Field Control Therapy® (FCT) practitioners in North America

For referrals to FCT practitioners in North America, you have come to the right place.

We aim to post a full referral list online in the future, alongside the launch of a new website that is currently in development for the international FCT Association.

In the meantime, please contact us for referral information, letting us know the city and state where you are seeking a practitioner, and we will write back with contact information for the nearest FCT practitioners to your area.

See also below for general information on the background of the practitioners on our referral list, in terms of the training programme they have all been through and what that has involved.

Contents of this page:


People that have contacted me seeking FCT referrals

There have been many requests now, for quite some years, for referrals to FCT practitioners around the world. I live in Ireland, and have been personally contacted by phone or email on innumerable occasions by people seeking to be referred to their nearest FCT practitioner.

If you are one of these people, thank you for making the request, because I do believe you are doing the right thing, and seeking help in the right place and of the right kind. I do not say this lightly, because FCT is grounded in a pragmatic and sensible philosophy of health, and before I learned FCT I was many times grieved to see how very many places people went to, seeking help for their ills, but, in return, being often further meddled with and made sicker, instead of healthier.

It is my basic - and hard-won - view that when seeking to help anyone who is unhealthy to become healthy again, everything rests on taking a sensible, intelligent and wise approach. It's not a matter of the right substance. Let me repeat: it's not a matter of the right substance. . . It's a matter of the right approach, the right understanding of what makes people healthy and what makes them sick. You won't believe how many times I've wished someone had pointed this out to me ten years sooner! That's why I have since become so interested in public awareness and educational projects: and that's why this website exists in the first place.

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Our criteria for referrals

We maintain very high standards and only refer prospective patients to practitioners who have completed, or are near to completing, the FCT Graduate Programme.

The majority of FCT practitioners in the world, and all of the ones we actively recommend, have studied the full FCT Graduate Programme. This is an advanced FCT training curriculum which involves many teaching modules, covering the theory and practice of FCT in depth, and culminates in an extensive process of assessment including theoretical and clinical examinations, patient observation, case studies and assignments. The aim of the FCT Graduate Programme is to train practitioners in the safe and effective practice of FCT, and the programme has been designed so that only serious, skilled practitioners are able to complete all parts of the course successfully. Students of the FCT Graduate Programme have undergone a complete programme of study with our team of FCT tutors, including programme directors Simon Rees and Kevin Eakins, and are in parallel required to have also completed a full course of study with Dr Yurkovsky at his main teaching seminars, as well as a solid foundation in medical knowledge.

Most referrals we make are to fully qualified FCT practitioners, but occasionally we may refer you to a practitioner who is still undergoing training on the FCT Graduate Programme, particularly if the only practitioner in your area is still undergoing training. In such cases, though, if we do so, the level of practice and skill will still be high, because the FCT Graduate Programme itself incorporates a lot of practical work, including many case observations, supervision and clinical work, and our students reach a stage in their training where they are ready to start taking cases, while continuing the process of mentoring and supervision under the guidance of tutors. In other cases, there are also sometimes practitioners who have been already practising a form of FCT for years, based on Dr Yurkovsky's seminars, and then decide to study the FCT Graduate Programme in order to take their skills to a higher level, because we are proud to present what we believe are the highest standards of FCT practice available in the world, through the FCT Graduate Programme.

Similarly, there are (albeit rarely) other practitioners of FCT or something similar to FCT, who may have studied at some point with Dr Yurkovsky but have not been trained and verified by FCT World through our more extensive training process on the full FCT Graduate Programme. Therefore every now and then you might come across such a practitioner, but in this case we are unable to verify the standard of practice of such a practitioner (or to list or recommend them on our referral list) - that will be up to you to determine on an individual basis. We are only able to recommend practitioners who have undergone a more extensive training programme with us to evolve their knowledge and skills, and undertake our full assessment process.

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Our efforts to seed a community of FCT practitioners

A few years ago there was nobody in Europe, that I knew of, practising FCT, and certainly no one who had made any effort to stay up to date with Dr Yurkovsky's ongoing teaching - or I would have met them. Dr Yurkovsky, the creator of FCT, lives in the USA, and before 2004 had not taught his FCT curriculum outside the USA. I had been a patient of his in the USA since 2002, and wanted passionately not only to learn this fabulous new system of medicine, but more importantly I felt it would be a wonderful thing if a whole community of practitioners of FCT could be seeded in Europe.

So ever since Dr Yurkovsky's first visit on my invitation to teach in Europe, I and many others worked with him towards achieving this, step by step. In time, we succeeded, and the fruits of this process are the current European referral list of practitioners now available through this page. If you want FCT for yourself or someone you know, and feel you need the help desperately, and by someone near to you - I have already heard this many times from people in desperate need of such help, since years before it was available - and it hurt me that I could not offer the referrals that were needed - just as much as it now gladdens me that I can! This was a driving motivation for me to change this, and for the creation and implementation of the FCT Graduate Programme.

The FCT Graduate Programme thus began in Ireland, but since then it has been offered - and will be continue to be offered - worldwide, with two primary bases at present for practical events - in Ireland and the USA. The Graduate Programme was so successful that even the most experienced, veteran FCT practitioners in the USA invited us to teach it to them, and this was how it came to be offered also in the USA and worldwide, and has since become the world standard for the safe and effective advanced practice of FCT. In order to achieve this, the FCT Graduate Programme itself has been designed, presented and evolved over many years in very close collaboration with Dr Yurkovsky, creator of FCT, to ensure at every stage the harmony of its content and standards with those of Dr Yurkovsky himself, as well as a continuous process of improvement, upgrading and expansion based on student input, feedback and suggestions.

This means that for a referral to a practitioner of FCT in North America, too, FCT World, via this website, has become the primary point of contact for those who want a referral to a practitioner who has been through the full FCT Graduate Programme which offers the highest standard of FCT training and assessment in the world. So wherever you are located, contact us to find out where the nearest graduate practitioners are located.

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Are there any FCT practitioners in XYZ place?

Graduates of the FCT Graduate Programme are currently located in the USA, Canada, Britain, Ireland and the Netherlands.

Please note that although we have had beginner students of FCT in many other countries, none have so far progressed in their studies to an advanced stage by following and completing the full FCT Graduate Programme, so if you need a referral for FCT, it is currently only possible (until further notice) if you are in (or willing to travel to) one of the above countries.

Please also bear in mind that some practitioners in the above countries continue to treat patients at a distance in other countries or regions via phone consultations, following the initial consultation, in cases where repeated travel is difficult. Where this service is offered, it can generally be recommended as a valid part of FCT practice. However, you cannot assume all FCT practitioners offer this service, but will need to ask on an individual basis.

There is certainly a lot of interest in FCT in many parts of the world, including other European countries as well as many other countries on other continents, and we regularly receive requests for referrals from all the continents in the world - except Antarctica, the only continent from which we have not yet ever received a referral request!

Finally, in case you would prefer to be treated by the most experienced and skilled practitioner of all, the master of FCT, I would recommend you can contact Dr Yurkovsky directly in New York, wherever you live.

At the same time, the objective of the FCT Graduate Programme has been to replicate Dr Yurkovsky's work by training other practitioners to practise medicine in the same way, and we can proudly and happily declare that, after a lot of work, we have successfully achieved this - and therefore we would suggest that you do not hesitate to contact the nearest Graduate practitioner in your area.

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Help us expand the availability of FCT around the world

We need to extend the network of practitioners to whom we can refer patients for FCT, as the worldwide demand for FCT remains very high.

Dr Yurkovsky and the Graduate Programme team of tutors are keen to teach FCT to students from all around the world, and particularly if this enables us to help seed skilled practitioners in places where FCT was not previously available - so that this service can then be made available to patients in that area.

So whether you are a healthcare practitioner in Britain, Ireland, the USA, Canada, the Netherlands, another European country or another part of the world, do take up the FCT training curriculum. Or if you know a healthcare practitioner in any location, do please encourage them to train in FCT.

Study of FCT can now be encouraged to people in any continent, even though some travelling to Ireland or the USA is also necessary in some parts of the training curriculum - some courses need to be attended in person in Ireland or the USA, while other courses are available via DVD - and we are also currently creating a full Home Study component of the FCT Graduate Programme, with DVDs and many other materials, aimed at enabling study of the FCT Graduate Programme in all parts of the world, alongside the practical and clinical events which will still need to be attended in the USA or Ireland.

For more information on this new Home Study "Distance Track" version of the FCT Graduate Programme, contact us for details or return to this website over the coming months, as we will be posting more detailed information as and when ready. At present, we are busy re-structuring the FCT Graduate Programme to make this possible, via the production of new DVDs and other materials, and this will take several more months before we are fully prepared to launch a new programme and offer our very best to the next generation of students: with Dr Yurkovsky, Kevin Eakins and myself, you can always trust that we will "give our all" to ensuring high quality of learning for students - because we stop at nothing to work continually to improve and perfect our teaching curricula even if this will temporarily delay the launch of the next programme while we re-consolidate course content and materials in order to optimize it even better than ever for next time.

Last, but not least, FCT is in my view and experience a form of medicine which is urgently needed by many people the world over, to bring the standard of their medical care up to date - out of the Dark Ages and into the twenty-first century - and in line with the collected knowledge and understanding of contemporary science. Help us to work towards this goal by passing the word on to friends and family - to encourage them to attend practitioners of FCT for a course of treatment, and/or to encourage healthcare practitioners you know to undertake a study of FCT.


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