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Below is a carefully selected list of other links of FCT-related interest, besides those already linked in the main parts of this site.

Mercury Fillings

Electromagnetic Pollution

Food and Drink

Further Edification

Mercury Fillings (Public Enemy #1)


The International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT) - A major online resource for information on all dental matters. The IAOMT is one of the most important international organisations of mercury-free dentists. Visit this site to see the "Smoking Tooth" video, read "The Scientific Case Against Amalgam," and many other important articles, as well as to locate a suitable mercury-free dentist.

Mercury Poisoned - An outstanding, wide-ranging and up-to-date resource with a wealth of mercury-related information.

Consumers for Dental Choice - A key website for up-to-date news on legal/political battles over mercury fillings. Nonprofit organization working in the USA to bring over 2000 scientific studies to the table to ban mercury fillings.

Our Preferred Poison - A key article about mercury from Discover magazine. 'A little mercury is all that humans need to do away with themselves quietly, slowly and surely.'

Scientific references on the dangers of amalgam fillings - Website of DAMS (Dental Amalgam Mercury Syndrome), a 'grassroots organization dedicated to educating the public about the health hazards associated with mercury that leaks from amalgam dental restorations.' DAMS have a helpline at 001-800-311-6265 for the public and also offer a useful newsletter by post to subscribers, with some of the best updates in the world on mercury news. This website includes an impressive compilation of scientific evidence by Bernard Windham, who is author of useful scientific articles such as this one and this one.

The International Association of Mercury Free Dentists - Includes mercury info, a directory of mercury-free dentists and tips on finding a suitable dentist.

Was Professor Stock Right? - Fascinating article with a historical perspective. The history books tell us about the Treaty of Versailles, but not about the mercury poisoning of Germany: were amalgam fillings the real cause of the rise of Nazism? And of so-called "neurasthenia" and many other mysterious diseases?

But scientific studies have proven amalgam fillings are safe, haven't they? - Yes, the press told us all about it, especially about this study. Here you can read the real background story of this study and its appalling violation of human rights in a Portuguese orphanage, as well as the study's many structural flaws. A published article from DAMS on the subject can also be found at our articles page under "The Children Amalgam Trials".

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Electromagnetic Pollution (Public Enemy #2)

Not a Palm Tree! Not a palm tree!

Detect-Protect - Excellent and helpful London source of EMF meters (for detecting fields) and protective measures of various kinds. Particularly good meters are their inexpensive "Electrosmog Detector" (highly recommended for every household owner) and, to complement it, "Gigahertz" meters for electric and magnetic fields (also needed separately to measure regular mains-related household EMFs). For Americans there are also good stores with similar detection and production products such as LessEMF (although please note that I'd recommend the Electrosmog Detector from Detect-Protect even for people in other parts of the world, as it's cheaper and more sensitive and more accurate than any other options I've seen; and note that this is NOT the same as similarly-named devices available elsewhere).

Article about Dr George Carlo - Good introduction to the alarming research of Dr Carlo, and how the mobile phone industry funding his research withdrew support for it when it didn't give the "desired" results! Later on, they began a character assassination, and his house was burnt down, because he went public with his research findings even though the industry didn't want him to. After all, science is science. . . and, as far as big industry is concerned, I suppose that economics is economics too.

Powerwatch "is a non-profit independent organisation with a central role in the UK Electromagnetic Field and Microwave Radiation health debate." Publishers of a newsletter for years, their site includes a great list of related studies here. Their emphasis is on the harmful health effects of high-frequency EMFs, whereas they regard low-frequency household devices as less problematic. In contrast, FCT clinical experience testifies strongly to the conclusion that both high- and low-frequency EMFs are equally harmful and both appear to inhibit effective mercury elimination from cells, amongst other effects.

EMR-Updates - A useful yahoo group offering (and archiving at the site for public access) regular updates on the latest news relating to electromagnetic polllution, health effects, etc.

BioInitiative Report - See the body of research which is greatly concerning the European Parliament - "A Rationale for a Biologically-based Public Exposure Standard for Electromagnetic Fields (ELF and RF)". Also see a useful summary of some of its key points here.

International Commission for Electromagnetic Safety (ICEMS) - Resolutions signed by many scientists, and research published online by ICEMS, "a non-profit organization that promotes research to protect public health from electromagnetic fields"

Electromagnetic field (EMF) pollution - A wealth of information and research about the dangers of EMFs.

More articles on the dangers of EMFs - Another useful compilation of articles about electromagnetic pollution.

Wiredchild - "Protecting Our Children From Wireless Technology" - More useful information and resources

Interview with Robert O Becker, M.D. (pdf <0.1MB, originally sourced from www.emrnetwork.org/faq.htm) - "One of the first medical pioneers to study natural electrical currents in the human body and to caution about electropollution, Dr. Becker was twice nominated for the Nobel Prize in Medicine." Quoted from the interview: I have no doubt in my mind that at the present time the greatest polluting element in the Earth's environment is the proliferation of electromagnetic fields. I consider that to be far greater on a global scale than warming.

Memon - In the experience of FCT practitioners, Memon technology has proven the most powerful and effective EMF-protective technology we have so far explored, in addition, of course, to physical and mechanical avoidance of EMF sources or minimization of exposure time. Memon technology does not physically remove EMFs from an environment, but modifies their quality so that the impact on health is greatly diminished according to FCT experience. However, we don't recommend the use of Memon technology unless for people undergoing FCT, as organ support provided through FCT is essential when introducing Memon into a building. Thus the best source of Memon technology, and further information, would be to ask your local FCT practitioner. Since March 2009, I have been distributing Memon products to FCT practitioners and patients from Galway, Ireland.

The Corded Club - As of July 2009, we have established a new website at this address to publicize EMF issues. If you do not own a mobile or cordless phone, or if you admire people who don't, please visit this link and join our club to help draw attention to this issue! There are also plenty more useful articles and links on the subject of EMFs at the site.

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Food and Drink

Organic Gardening

Organic food in Ireland - Find local contacts for organic veggies in Ireland, including box schemes which bring them right to your doorstep every week! Never again complain that tasty organic food is expensive and hard to find!

Organic food in the UK - Parallel organic association for the UK, to help you locate local sources of tasty organic foods!

FreshWaterFilter - Water quality is important. FCT practitioners recommend you avoid certain types of filter, though, including reverse osmosis systems and distillers. Also not all bottled waters can necessarily be trusted, and may in some cases be inferior to filtered tapwater. We'd recommend using a coconut-shell carbon filter on your home tap. Note, too, that even though coconut-shell carbon is not advertised as being a good filter for metals, research I have read has actually shown it to be an excellent metals filtration media too, as well as most other contaminants. Warning: Most "carbon block" filters, though, contain silver-impregnated carbon which is also coal-based. So it is essential to find a manufacturer who is able to accept special requests, i.e. (a) no silver impregnation of the carbon; & (b) no coal-based carbon, only coconut-shell-based carbon. If you are in Britain or Ireland, FreshWaterFilter is a company we have found who make this available upon request, although note that it is not listed on their website, so you would need to phone them. In addition, if you live in an area (such as Ireland or the USA) where the tapwater is fluoridated, ask for a second fluoride-removal filter (which is made of activated alumina media) in your system, in addition to the coconut-shell cartridge. The same principles would apply if you're located in another part of the world, and I know there are several suppliers in the USA, for example, who can accommodate these same requests. Just take care to avoid the various "seven-stage candles" and the like by Britta, Doulton and similar popular companies, because they are usually silver-impregnated, which we strongly recommend avoiding.

The Weston A Price Foundation - Useful and interesting information on the health benefits of minimizing processed foods in the diet. Dr Yurkovsky, founder of FCT, advocates the benefits of an ancestral diet, and so there are some parallels in dietary approach with Dr Weston A Price.

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Further Edification

Emily Dickinson

Homéopathe international - For practising classical homeopaths, or homeopathic students, this French site is a wonderful resource, which includes full online texts of most of the classic homeopathy books (in English).

Joseph Mercola's health site - A stimulating compilation of health-related articles.

What Doctors Don't Tell You - Another stimulating source of health-related information.

The Active Health Foundation - The Active Health Foundation has useful information at this website about health in general and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) in particular. The foundation runs inspiring courses in Ireland for professional training in acupuncture and, fairly uniquely in the West, Tui Na, a major pillar of TCM which has been practised longer than acupunture, and from which acupuncture was derived.

Read the Classics - A wealth of online literary classics to print and read rather than watching TV or bathing in other electromagnetic fields, especially while taking FCT remedies, of course!

Read Charles Fort - Online copies of the entire works of Charles Fort, fastidious collector of anomalous worldview-challenging information who eloquently advocated a whole philosophy around the concept of scientific uncertainty. Underscores how little we really know about life, and how many gaps remain with plenty of room for new frontiers of knowledge such as FCT to continue to evolve!

Poetry - The most important verbal accomplishments of history are probably the poetic ones, and yet most people are too busy nowadays to stop and read poems. Take some time to find inspiration in poetry, and to find poetry in your life, and use this as a resource of poems to start you off if you wish! Poetry is what makes life worth living... This site also contains many other classics of literature.

If you would like to suggest an important FCT-related link for inclusion please let us know.

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