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FCT Europe forms part of FCT World.

If you are based in Europe, or are interested in travelling to attend courses or practitioners in Europe, then from this page you can access resources pertaining to FCT in Europe.

FCT Europe was established by Simon Rees in Ireland in close co-ordination with international collaboration on FCT events worldwide through FCT World. FCT Europe is maintained by Simon Rees, Kevin Eakins and other European FCT enthusiasts.

Please choose from the following list of options:

1. Talks and other educational events in Europe - as and when any are organised, these are included on the general course information page if you click this link.

2. Studying in Europe - study opportunities and information pertaining to Europe are announced from time to time on the programme information page if you click this link.

3. Finding a practitioner in Europe - click here to go to the general client referral page worldwide, including Europe.

4. Ordering FCT-related products in Europe, or worldwide, including the following (if you click the links it doesn't lead to ordering information, but describes each product):

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