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What Does FCT® Offer to Other Therapies?

This article is a collaborative effort written by Savely Yurkovsky and Simon Rees.

Introduction: Why FCT?

What FCT Brings to Applied Kinesiology and Bio-Resonance Testing

What FCT Brings to Dentistry

What FCT Brings to Conventional Medicine

What FCT Brings to Chelation Therapy

What FCT Brings to Herbal Medicine

What FCT Brings to Nutrition and Naturopathic Medicine

What FCT Brings to Allergy Testing and Treatment

What FCT Brings to Classical Homeopathy

What FCT Brings to Acupuncture, Tui Na, Chinese Herbalism, Shiatsu and other TCM-based modalities

What FCT Brings to Osteopathy, Craniosacral Therapy, Massage, Healing, NLP, psychotherapy and other forms of Body- and Mind-work

What FCT Brings to Other Therapies Not Listed Above



   Introduction: Why FCT®?


“Who among us has not repeatedly seen claims for fourth-generation drugs with no side-effects, new operations that yield  glowing results with minimal complications, or the latest infallible, high-tech diagnostic procedure only to discover months or years later that these claims missed the truth by miles?”

– A conventional M.D., "A Peace of My Mind" (February 1991, JAMA)

“I tried everything, I studied many alternative modalities, I've been everywhere, yet the consistent results I have not seen.”

“I wish to thank Dr. Yurkovsky from the bottom of my heart for putting this all together for us.  I have practised alternative medicine for 40 years and always knew that something was missing.  Now I know what.”

“I have been in practice for 15 years now and have assembled quite a lot of technology. I started as a classical homeopath but realized its limitations. Along the way I have been through VEGA, Kirlian, EAV, IV's including chelation, DMPS, hydrogen peroxide, hydrochloric acid and the usual vitamin and mineral protocols. Also neural therapy, darkfield microscopy, biological terrain assessment and complex homeopathy both orally and injectable… And I am tired of running after all these things… I feel my concept of 'underlying' causes needs to make a shift into a different level of understanding.”

“I have expended significant resources on expensive bio-resonance technology. . . The end results proved to be very disappointing.”

– Four alternative physicians writing to Dr Yurkovsky

    The Problem

More people are turning to alternative medicine all the time. A large part of the reason is the poor track record of conventional medicine as a genuine problem-solving system. As many as 85% of Americans in a recent survey reported that they did not enjoy good health. As a result, the alternative medicine field has mushroomed into a dazzling array of diverse therapies. An article by Ted Kaptchuk and David Eisenberg cautioned about “potential semantic chaos” between all the many alternative healing practices as “the number of named alternative therapies available in the United States easily soars into the hundreds.”

It is certainly true that common threads run through many complementary and integrative therapies, such as increased emphasis on preventative and natural measures, individualised holistic assessments, and an attempt to encourage the body’s own healing mechanisms, not suppress them. These common threads have led to many interrelated fields of medicine – “naturopathic,” “nutritional,” “preventative,” “integrative,” “environmental” – with many therapies falling under these umbrella terms. However, the knowledge base of most remains fragmented. In order for it to be integrated more cohesively into a truly holistic and effective system of medicine, a solid basis is needed.

    A Litmus Test for Any Therapy

One test of any proposed solution to this dilemma is to pay special attention to the difficult, more advanced cases in clinical practice. Whereas almost any therapy can claim successes in minor, or less advanced, conditions, some degree of consistency and an ability to effect long-term cures in the more seriously ill is far harder to come by. The vast majority of medical modalities, both conventional and alternative, currently fail to pass this test.

    The Solution

Dr Yurkovsky has been treating such serious cases successfully for many years and regularly receives patient referrals from practitioners in diverse fields as a “last hope” when they themselves simply could not help their patients any more, or – as in many cases – had even unwittingly exacerbated their patients’ conditions. This led him to formulate the FCT® curriculum as a sound, effective, rapidly implemented, low-cost foundation for the genuine practice of integrative medicine.

FCT® enables many different blocks and disease factors to be identified, treated and – most importantly – prioritized correctly, such as:

  • environmental pollutants

  • toxic dental fillings, root canals or cavitations

  • pesticide or other chemical residues

  • food or environmental allergies

  • EBV, CMV, herpes or other viruses

  • candidiasis

  • parasitosis

  • nutritional deficiencies

  • spinal/structural misalignments

  • emotional, mental or lifestyle health effects

  • unbalanced acupuncture points or meridians

  • weak or malfunctioning muscles/organs

  • and many others

FCT® provides a new foundation from which to practise existing therapies and specializations. It offers unrivalled tools of diagnosis and treatment which can stand alone in the management of any illness. It can at the very least be used to identify and remove blocks in unresponsive patients – or, on the other hand, it can be given a more central role and used exclusively to treat a case.

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   Further Essential Information for kinesiologists and other bio-resonance practitioners

   How is the FCT® testing method unique, and why is it so powerful?

Bio-resonance testing represents the single most powerful diagnostic modality available in the world today. There are various forms in use, including Applied Kinesiology (AK), Electroacupuncture According to Voll (EAV), VEGA, Contact Reflex Analysis (CRA), Autonomic Response Testing (ART), Omura O-Ring Test, TBM, NAET and many more.

Barely a day goes by without someone offering a new technique or machine, claiming it is better than others. Yet all are in truth microphones for the practitioner to ask questions through, and the best microphone is of course the one through which the most fundamental questions are being asked. Therefore it is not so much a question of choosing the best machine, but of asking the right questions in the right way – i.e. of technique.

Some practitioners have a tendency to become overly impressed with the use of computerized electronic devices because in our culture computers are equated with advancement and precision. The value of the information is, however, neither more nor less than that which has been imparted into a computer by its programmers. Hence if the programmers are not aware how to prioritize their main diagnostic or therapeutic decisions correctly, neither will a computer be. Dr Yurkovsky has eschewed the use of machines in FCT®, returning the focus instead to technique. A hands-on Applied Kinesiology testing method is used, but with various highly significant advancements in the field:

(a) A unique non-force muscle testing technique is employed which removes all subjectivity from the physical interaction between practitioner and patient. No pressure is applied physically, nor must the patient try to resist any force – the patient, in fact, can even be tested in a coma. In contrast, most of the above-mentioned techniques apply force in one way or another via a muscle or a probe and, therefore, involuntarily transfer some of the tester’s subjectivity onto a patient, resulting in the possibility of false-positive or false-negative results. Another significant factor is fatigue on the part of the patient having to resist the applied force, or the skin moisture factor in application of a probe. Considering that many people being tested are in a weakened state, physically or mentally, or are children, the fatigue element becomes a very serious limitation in traditional forms of AK.

(b) A comprehensive gamut of questions is asked – not verbally, but using a wide range of test vials (filters) to pinpoint toxicological or other sources of disease and the corresponding afflicted bodily areas. Results are furnished in their precise order of clinical priority – avoiding the common pitfall of obtaining reams of unsorted results with no meaningful objective hierarchy for treatment purposes. Allergies or deficiencies are also assessed in minutes, as well as optimum dietary/ supplementary/ herbal choices and strengths.

(c) Most bio-resonance/kinesiology testing is one-dimensional, performed on the most superficial level only. It is a documented fact, however, that many organs and tissues possess different conducting properties. Some are electrically “mute” and, as a rule, would not reveal themselves unless a practitioner set a priority to screen them specifically. Some organs or tissues within this “mute” category play a vital physiological role for the rest of the body and often contain key toxins which, if overlooked, will preclude any chance for recovery. Multiple unique MEL (Multi-Energetic Layer) filters are used in the FCT® testing algorithm to facilitate testing at all levels, including these “energetically silent” zones and deep hidden intoxications.

(d) Ineffective therapeutic means are often applied by practitioners, whatever form of testing is used. FCT® provides the safest, most effective therapeutic interventions possible – primarily a novel form of homeopathy – and tests for precise potencies and durations.

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   Further Essential Information for dentists

   What can Field Control Therapy (FCT)® bring to Dental Practice?

FCT® is of inestimable value for dentists, for all kinds of reasons. Likewise holistic dentistry is an absolutely essential adjunct to FCT®, not least because of the hazardous mercury content of the amalgam dental fillings which are in wide use amongst the modern population of most developed countries.

At the most accessible level of usefulness, there are a host of indispensable FCT® dental remedies which provide absolutely key therapeutic assistance and whose use is easily learned and applied by any dentist even if not actually performing FCT® testing or practising FCT®.

This includes, for example, a powerful remedy for acute or chronic toothache which can easily be given to any patient with or without testing. It also includes a powerful remedy for emotional support for any patient who finds their dental work stressful.

Most of all, it includes the “FCT® Dental Protection Pack,” a set of 5 to 10 remedies which are quickly and simply chosen based on the results of a short patient questionnaire, and which can therefore afford easy, deep and powerful organ and systemic support for patients who have just had undergone mercury exposure. This pack incorporates some standard remedies for everyone – such as powerful therapeutic support for the kidneys and other organs of elimination – as well as other remedies individually chosen based on the symptom picture and history.

For dentists who take up the practice of FCT® themselves, however, there are then also a great many other possibilities brought to dental practice, as it enables testing to be performed in a highly precise manner, using far more advanced forms of kinesiology/bio-resonance than the prevailing ones. For example, sensitivities and biocompatibility of possible dental materials can easily be checked, and the presence of infection or oral candidiasis can rapidly be evaluated and addressed, and dental amalgams or root canals easily assessed for toxicity, as well as NICO lesions (cavitations) in the jawbone.

Even more importantly, the significance to systemic health of these or other factors can be determined, as well as their exact order of clinical priority. Many systemic signs of ill health find their root causes in the oral cavity, and the FCT® testing algorithm elucidates this connection and provides practical tools to establish the best possible treatment plan for patients. According to FCT® testing, sometimes certain dental work should not be done immediately, but rather following other work or a preparation phase. On the other hand, testing may confirm that action should be taken immediately, or alternatively not at all. Using FCT®, every clinical decision can be based on a completely individualized assessment of both oral and systemic health.

FCT® is a great and inexpensive asset to any area of dental practice. For example, dentists who remove amalgam fillings can vastly improve their protocols by using FCT® to individualize them. Amalgam fillings are unquestionably hazardous to remove, due to exposure to mercury vapour during the extraction. Special safety measures are to be highly recommended, although to date most discussions have revolved around which ones constitute the ideal set of precautions. FCT®, however, opens up a whole new area for discussion: the importance of not restricting oneself only to a one-size-fits-all generalized protocol, but instead being able to individualize safety measures for each patient, as well as detoxification and/or support regimes before, during and after amalgam extractions, all based on non-invasive testing which provides immediate results. Furthermore, the best time for the extraction of amalgams can be determined, and the patient prepared adequately beforehand through powerful support of the immune system and organs of elimination (kidneys, liver, lymph, colon).

Hence FCT® not only makes dentistry considerably safer for both dentist and patient, but it also enables patients to be treated, alongside receiving dental work, for removal of toxic burdens from anywhere in the body. In addition, clinical decisions can be based on objective testing, so that if a patient, for example, suspects that mercury leakage from fillings could be causing generalized symptoms of ill health, then FCT® can verify if this is so, and/or if any other factors are involved.

In FCT® treatment protocols, a novel form of isopathic homeopathy is used. A myth some biological dentists may have heard is that homeopathic remedies such as isodes (made from mercury, silver amalgam, etc.) are either incapable of chelating the toxic materials effectively or, worse, lead to aggravations and should therefore not be utilized. This holds true for any therapy when it is applied haphazardly and with poor skills. However, isopathic remedies are taken onto a whole new level in FCT® regimes, with various unique discoveries and measures such as the advent of the unique MEL filters to enable precision testing at many levels, and through extensive organ support to assist the body in detoxification following the administration of isodes. Organ-derived remedies (sarcodes) are also used to target specific areas for support and/or detoxification, making FCT® treatments highly focused, and capable of reaching areas completely untreatable by any other means.

Dr Yurkovsky teaches the FCT® syllabus to many practitioners, but has a special interest in training dentists in this groundbreaking methodology. He not long ago lectured to an audience of biological dentists in Carmel, California, and received very gratifying feedback, including from the society president, Dr William P. Glaros, who wrote:

The American Academy of Biological Dentistry was delighted to have physician and author Savely Yurkovsky, MD, as a speaker at our annual meeting in March of this year.  His knowledge of toxicology and homeopathy was a great match for the interests of our group.  We in fact regretted that we had not allowed more time for his presentation.”

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   Further Essential Information for medical doctors, chelation therapists and naturopaths

   What can FCT® bring to Conventional Medical Practice?

Conventional medicine provides the necessary support in advanced degenerative pathologies. However, it utilizes limited and linear research models for its diagnostic and therapeutic approaches. Treatments are primarily focused on suppressing symptoms by pharmacological or surgical means and on temporarily correcting physiological abnormalities. This means expending a great deal of time and energy pursuing effects rather than causes. The results consist largely of a low efficacy rate, exorbitant cost and a high incidence of deleterious side effects. Field Control Therapy® offers the methodology to transform conventional medical practice into a more successful venture for patient and doctor alike.

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   What can FCT® bring to Chelation Therapy?

Intravenous EDTA can be a useful therapy for cardiovascular diseases. Nevertheless, in Dr Yurkovsky’s practice both clinical and documented progress proved to be superior using the FCT® method. Supposing the two modalities were combined, then the synergistic effect of patients also able to receive FCT® would definitely result in significant additional benefit in vascular pathologies.

Intravenous or oral chelation of heavy metals, however, is more limited. Unlike in FCT®, there is no precise science of detoxification to enable complete and accurate testing of metal toxicity in all parts of the body, continual monitoring of progress using an exact testing algorithm, and treatment options which are free of potential side effects and intolerances. FCT® provides all of this, and is therefore unrivalled for the detoxification of heavy metals and other toxins from the body. It is of note that heavy metals such as mercury and lead have a special affinity for brain and nerve tissues, lodge in the bone marrow and enter intra-cellular spaces throughout the tissues of the body, disrupting cell function down to the DNA level. All biochemical chelating agents, whether pharmaceutical or natural, are limited in their ability to reach these deeper layers of toxicity, since their action is that of a “mop-up” of toxins with which they come into contact. Relatively inaccessible areas such as the brain, bone marrow or cell nuclei remain largely unexcavated with these methods. FCT® can remedy this limitation by providing a means to access and detoxify these deeper layers.

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   Further Essential Information for herbalists, nutritionists and naturopaths

   What can FCT® bring to Herbal Medicine?

Herbalists can use the unique and powerful FCT® testing algorithm to help them choose exactly the right herbal combination, potency, duration and repetition of treatment in a manner which is completely individualised on the day for what the patient’s system requires. FCT® can bring to Herbal Medicine highly precise means of double-checking and refining treatment choices in day-to-day practice. Practitioners can also quickly rule out any products which in a given case might cause an adverse reaction.

No less importantly, the action of herbs is often blocked by deep layers of toxicity in the patient. By identifying and removing these hidden blocks, FCT® enables Herbal Medicine to be effective more consistently, as herbal treatments can then have more chance of achieving their intended effect unhindered. FCT® offers unrivalled tools for diagnosing such blocks as well as sophisticated natural means for eliminating them in a highly focused way. This is carried out within the deep and integral framework of Guided Digital Medicine.

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   What can FCT® bring to Nutritional Medicine, Naturopathic Medicine and to the Treatment of Allergies and Food Sensitivities?

Nutritional Medicine is a cornerstone of the complementary health field. Faulty nutrition undoubtedly plays a very important role in the development of many degenerative diseases plaguing the Western World today. Yet in the majority of cases a change in diet, as necessary as it is, would be insufficient in itself to overcome the many toxicological factors at the roots of chronic diseases. Max Gerson, creator of one of the earliest and most influential traditions of nutritional and naturopathic approaches to medicine, wrote back in the 1930s that illness is caused by a combination of two factors – malnourishment and toxicity.

While it is certainly true that these two often create a vicious cycle, Field Control Therapy® frequently detects levels of toxicity in the tissues which are themselves the cause of malabsorption. There are many reasons for this, including cellular damage, DNA alteration, intestinal dysbiosis and leaky gut syndrome, all of which are all too often caused directly and dramatically by disruptive toxic agents.

The result is malnourishment and allergic intolerances, even regardless of the quality of the diet.

The rate of allergies and sensitivities in modern society continues to rise at an alarming rate, yet the vast majority of medical approaches to allergies continue to work at the level of effect rather than cause. It is ineffectual in the long run to keep clipping the leaves of a weed rather than pulling it out by the roots. Allergies, food intolerances and malnourishment, in our toxic times, are best resolved by first removing these deep layers of toxicity. Dietary changes will usually then additionally be required, and indeed form an essential part of FCT® regimes.

There are many conditions which do not heal through dietary changes alone and which (like ALS, an example of a condition which Gerson therapists have reported no progress in treating) are now known to be caused frequently by severe heavy metal toxicity. Field Control Therapy® adds a whole new dimension to Nutritional Medicine by providing the tools to identify and remove the toxicity and other issues which so often underlie widespread malabsorption and food intolerances.

FCT® also offers unrivalled tools for detecting any allergy or food intolerance within minutes, as well as the capability to identify exact nutritional deficiencies or to confirm the food or supplement choices in a diet plan according to the patient’s individual systemic requirements. All of these constitute absolutely indispensable tools for any practising nutritionist or other therapist with an interest in nutrition and allergies.

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   Further Essential Information for homeopaths

   What can FCT® bring to Classical Homeopathy?

Dr Yurkovsky practised classical homeopathy for many years as his main professional focus, alongside cardiology. Over time he became increasingly frustrated with the recurring “obstacles to cure” that he encountered.

Many other world class homeopaths have experienced similar frustration, beginning with Samuel Hahnemann himself, and continuing to the present day with such famous authors as Luc de Schepper, MD, and Paul Herscu, ND – a pupil of George Vithoulkas, and Dr Yurkovsky’s own teacher during his training at the New England School of Homeopathy. The overall success rate in the care of chronic diseases, even by the masters themselves, has been disappointing, a fact which Dr Schepper accounts for as follows:

It seems to me that the task of the homeopath is more and more difficult, the successes less direct and spectacular, and the failures more frequent, due to the so-called ‘progress’ of our civilization: the chlorination and fluoridation of our water, the drugs and chemicals (and now irradiation) in our foods, air pollution, multiple vaccinations, the increasing use of X-rays, and the overuse of drugs like antibiotics. . . as well as strong suppressive acts like chemotherapy and radiation. All these factors contribute to the overwhelming suppression of natural disease manifestations, [confusing and complicating] the problem in selecting our remedies.”

Using FCT®, Dr Yurkovsky has resolved this dilemma by developing a system of laser-sharp accuracy for identifying the obstacles to cure and then removing them, so that classical homeopathic prescriptions (if then still needed by the patient) can be restored to their true effect, unhindered. The latest discoveries in cybernetics and laws of systems, as they apply to humans, state that free and unobstructed information flows through channels (organs, tissues, cells) are paramount to health. Information, in physics, is automatically equated with energy. The less available an energy pool is, or the more channels that are blocked, the more “stuck” even a correct remedy will become, and as a result the whole case. These blocks in multiple channels will in cases of serious pathologies decisively preclude progress and render not only classical homeopathy helpless, but in fact all medical specialties.

George Vithoulkas has called such incurable patients “marble cases.” Sadly, deep toxic blocks to treatment are more common than ever before, and moreover accumulate over a patient’s lifetime, a fact which would explain why children are more responsive to homeopathy than many adults today. Proper constitutional prescribing is not a panacea as it may, inadvertently, progress a case to a point where the Vital Force will not be able to overcome a block and might wind up wearing itself out, especially in the chronically ill. Just 20 minutes of testing with FCT®, however, is all it takes to begin unravelling these otherwise exhausting cases.

Even the majority of mental and emotional cases, in Dr Yurkovsky’s own practice, have experienced enormous improvements after using FCT® to pinpoint and address previously unsuspected toxic or infectious elements which have lodged in the brain. Mercury, the most toxic non-radioactive substance in existence, is one of many examples: poisoning, irrespective of the constitutional type, is extremely common and mercury has a half-life in brain tissue of a staggering thirty years if no specific therapeutic means are used to remove it.
The removal of blocks takes a patient to the point where the disease, as a rule, begins to crumble like a building whose foundation has been taken apart.

This is why Hahnemann devoted so much time to understanding and treating the miasms, which since his day have certainly multiplied in manifestation and number, and compounded in detrimental effect, necessitating new means to cope with today’s toxicological problems.

FCT® testing can enable a homeopath to know exactly when to use a new complementary remedy, such as a miasmatic nosode, as well as to confirm objectively whether any specific lifestyle modifications are required by the patient.

In addition, after repertorising a case and narrowing the choice down to a small group of apparently similar or partially overlapping remedies, FCT® testing is indispensable for selecting the best simillimum in an objective individualised fashion, as well as for testing a patient later to see if a remedy is still acting or has run its course.

The guesswork can therefore be removed from the day-to-day practice of a classical homeopath by using the FCT® testing algorithm to resolve such questions as these decisively and conclusively.

Symptoms of a remedy wash-out can also be differentiated from new acute or resurfacing chronic ailments which require therapeutic intervention.

When choosing the lowest effective and well-tolerated potency, again FCT® testing can provide the homeopath with an objective means of assessing this in each individual case. For these and many other reasons, Dr Yurkovsky continues to use both FCT® and classical prescribing in combination in his practice, with great success.

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   Further Essential Information for TCM practitioners

   What can FCT® bring to Acupunture, Tui Na, Chinese Herbalism, Shiatsu and other modalities based in Traditional Chinese Medicine?

Traditional Chinese Medicine very wisely places a great deal of emphasis on the external pernicious factors (environmental, dietary, climatic, lifestyle) which interfere with the energetic balance of the body. Since its inception, some five thousand years ago, and especially over the last century, the number of these factors has skyrocketed and their impact intensified. As a consequence, Traditional Chinese Medicine by itself is in the modern world often unable to render full healing in patients as the toxic agents and destructive patterns are too many and too severe to overcome, especially in advanced pathologies.

An equally important point is that the acupuncture meridians are not a mere network of isolated energy channels but originate from the internal organs. The earliest medical book, The Yellow Emperor's Inner Classic (Huang Di Nei Jing), specifically states that deficiency of the internal organs causes deficiency of Qi. This is where we come to appreciate the importance of skilful Bio-resonance testing which can reveal the identity of toxic agents which have invaded the Zang Fu (internal organs). Practitioners of TCM who have learned FCT® have reported a significant improvement in their therapeutic results and, as a result, a much lessened need for Chinese Medicine treatments on the part of their patients. Students will learn in this seminar how the classical Five Element disturbances of the corresponding organs are caused by specific noxious agents which they will be trained to identify through Bio-resonance testing and effectively remove.

As two systems with a wide holistic understanding, and a deep appreciation of the Organs and factors which invade them, Traditional Chinese Medicine can serve as one of the potential complementary modalities to FCT®, or vice versa – but only so long as the disciplines are combined with great care and by the same practitioner who understands the correlations between both and how they can be used effectively together without mutual disruption.

Even a simple mastery of the non-force Bio-resonance testing, as taught by FCT®, can be invaluable in the practice of Chinese Medicine.

For example, it can help in arriving at the optimal herbal combination, choice of acupuncture points and length of the acupuncture treatment, to avoid overstimulation.

Likewise, it can assist in determining the right timing in a change of herbal formulae, and in testing for any possible adverse effects or allergic responses to a given herbal formula in an individual.

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   Further Essential Information for mind- and body-work practitioners

   What can FCT® bring to Osteopathy, Craniosacral Therapy, Massage, Healing, Psychotherapy, NLP and other forms of Body- and Mind-work?

Psychotherapists, counsellors, hypnotherapists, practitioners of NLP, and other diverse therapists engaging with patients on a psycho-dynamic level can all benefit greatly from learning the tools of Field Control Therapy®. In particular, the majority of cases in Dr Yurkovsky’s own practice with a predominantly mental/emotional basis have experienced enormous improvements after FCT® was used to pinpoint and address previously unsuspected toxic or infectious elements which had lodged in the brain. Mercury, the most toxic non-radioactive substance in existence, is one of many examples: poisoning is extremely common and mercury has a half-life in brain tissue of a staggering thirty years if no specific therapeutic means are used to remove it.

A mastery of FCT® testing and treatment is invaluable in the daily practice of any osteopath, chiropractor or craniosacral therapist. Likewise, craniosacral adjustments can be a useful and sometimes necessary adjunct to FCT® in certain circumstances.

Structural misalignments and cranial/spinal displacements can readily be tested and confirmed with the FCT® methods. Furthermore, and most importantly, their deeper underlying causes can be assessed and treated. In particular, it is a frequent conceptual illusion that many back and musculoskeletal problems stem from physical trauma, or ‘wear and tear.’ While these certainly cause damage, it is usually the bio-energetic terrain which, once poisoned, becomes susceptible to prolonged effects and inability to heal. As revealed by FCT® testing, toxicological and infectious agents commonly invade structures and tissues of the back and the rest of the musculoskeletal system, disrupting cellular fields. This is the root cause of many structural displacements, which therefore have a tendency to return, even after being ‘fixed,’ until the underlying toxicity is removed. In addition, internal organs which are interconnected with the spine frequently carry toxic burdens that remain unaddressed, which further explains why both the back problems and their treatments are often so protracted.

In massage therapies and hands-on healing, the body’s tense muscles and bio-energetic blocks can be relaxed and dispersed, and the body and mind energised. Lymphatic drainage can also be aided, as well as the nutrient supply to affected areas. However – with partial exceptions such as Tibetan Pulsing Yoga, Tui Na Traditional Chinese Medicine and its Japanese derivative Shiatsu – most forms of bodywork are not practised within the framework of a comprehensive understanding of the body’s bio-energetic pathways and cellular energy fields.

This means there may be benefits, but of unpredictable length and intensity. In particular, there may unwittingly be an overburdening of the body’s detoxification systems (lymph, kidneys, liver, colon) in the chronically ill, as all forms of massage and healing stimulate the tissues to release toxic burdens. FCT® enables the therapist to monitor the patient’s needs and changes very closely, making this detoxifying process safer, more precise and effective. The element of intuition integral to many forms of healing is of inestimable value but needs to be married with a precise and objective standpoint as offered by FCT®, especially since the toxic blocks uncovered by FCT® hands-on testing can readily be removed, leaving the patient far more responsive to the healing or other bodywork. Even those working with apparently precise maps of some of the body’s bio-energetic pathways, such as in shiatsu or reflexology, similarly find a much improved response after FCT® testing and treatment protocols have removed toxic layers and other disease factors.

FCT® also provides essential organ support to the body to help it to cope with toxins that have been released after the bodywork.

In addition, optimum points, duration, repetitions, herbs or general advice can all be checked through FCT® testing.

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  Other therapies not mentioned above

Dr Yurkovsky has a more complete list of other therapeutic approaches at his website here, where he sifts through many of them in the light of what FCT has to offer to each of them.

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No matter what specialization in the field of healthcare we are considering, the Field Control Therapy® curriculum offers essential and unique knowledge and tools which no practitioner can afford to do without.

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