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Letter Composed by Savely Yurkovsky, MD, for Alternative MDs

                                                January 8, 2007


Dear ACAM Colleague,

                        As much as I am indebted to the American College for Advancement in Medicine for spurring my initial growth in alternative medicine, for the sake of higher knowledge, I am equally compelled to share with you ACAM’s serious educational flaws which represent a conceptual blueprint of its nemesis, conventional medicine.  Granted, the scope of factors considered in genesis of disease and therapeutic interventions seem broader yet the medical model itself is just as crippled.

            Here is just a sample of a much longer problem list:

  • FACT:  Both the diagnostic and therapeutic modalities focus primarily on the most superficial level of physiology – body chemistry/molecular biology.

  • FACT:  This concept has been grossly outdated and for decades by now.  Cellular energy and information – quantum or digital biology – are in the forefront of medicine today.

  • FACT:  Therapeutic interventions in chronic diseases are based on primitive linear relationships (e.g., matching product/intervention against a seemingly relevant finding) which contradicts the laws governing complex systems as humans.

  • FACT:  Diagnostic capabilities are inept since they are incapable of obtaining information from where it matters the most – internal organs and tissues – and instead, detect only the proverbial domino effect, collateral findings.

  • FACT:  The same diagnostic limitations plus lack of pertinent knowledge preclude the establishment of a proper therapeutic hierarchy among the pathogenic agents.  The same reasons lead to utilization of many meaningless products with exaggerated and outright misleading claims.

  • The therapeutic means chosen are inadequate and carry high potential for iatrogenicity.

  • Salient therapy-blocking and disease-sustaining factors in a patient’s lifestyle are overlooked.

  • FACTThis linear thinking/approach is utterly incapable of properly assimilating an ongoing avalanche of new information (even if of value) into a capable, intelligent and efficient problem-solving system while the notion of DISEASE remains static and oversimplistic.

  • On the whole, the end result of this grossly antiquated medical model is that in spite of an ever growing pile of weapons (diagnostic and therapeutic and seemingly important discoveries), the “army” gains very little in the way of its capability to combat severe chronic degenerative diseases and other complex states where, in the long run, and commonly, a trained eye can easily discern allopathic suppressions with natural means and iatrogenicity.  Failures do prevail in really sick people (the true litmus test for any approach) and expense is exorbitant.

         Several years ago, upon the recommendation of the former ACAM President, Michael Shachter, MD, a man of great professional integrity and a genuine student of knowledge, who is familiar with my work, I submitted a proposal to the ACAM’s education executive(s) to present this new system at ACAM’s symposia.  Unfortunately, it was rejected, which I attribute to an apparent lack of vision and competence.

         I will soon be presenting this groundbreaking system at the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine in Tempe, Arizona (in the Phoenix area).   It is notable that the college academic staff who is far more savvy about alternative medicine on the whole, and who I was just as blatant with as I am with you now, was able to relate to the logistics of the system and endorsed its presentation to their students and staff with the doors being open for everyone.  The main concepts of this system are not only based on a model which is rooted in exact sciences, but just as importantly on practical means and successes in the most difficult patients and pathologies that have failed in response to the myriads of alternative treatments, which in some cases went on for decades.  You will see for yourself how, putting into practice the right concepts of skillful manipulation of energy and information in a sick body, one can achieve so much more doing so much less.

         If you are a true student of knowledge, come, learn and challenge.

Savely Yurkovsky, MD
SYY Integrated Health Systems, Ltd.

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