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Letter Composed by Savely Yurkovsky, MD, for a Naturopathic Association



Cardiology, Internal and Bio-energetic Medicine

                                                                        January 11, 2005

Mrs. Deborah Mainville-Knight
Executive Director
Arizona Naturopathic Medical Association
2101 East Broadway - Suite #14
Tempe, AZ 85282

            Re:      Presentation at April 15-17, 2005 Meeting of AzNMA:
                        “Guided Digital Medicine and Non-Disease Treatment of Diseases”

Dear Mrs. Mainville-Knight:

            I am submitting this proposal upon request of some naturopathic physicians from your state who have expressed keen interest in the novel medical system that I have evolved and taught over the years.  Their interest was heightened through my recent book, "Biological, Chemical, and Nuclear Warfare -- Protecting yourself and Your Loved Ones:  The Power of Digital Medicine" (foreword by Professor Emeritus of Materials Science, William A. Tiller of Stanford University, 426 references), and numerous articles published over the years in the Townsend Letter for Doctors and Patients.  In this regard I wish to share with you that hundreds of alternative MDs, DOs, NDs and dentists, my students, have found this system to be indeed the most powerful, ground-breaking medical paradigm that exists in the world today.

            What makes it so?

            In brief, it rests on three major pillars.  One of these concerns the integration of the great body of pertinent knowledge from multidisciplinary sciences: physics, quantum physics, laws that govern communications within complex living systems (such as humans), toxicology, immunology, infectious diseases, endocrinology and environmental medicine – to name a few.

            This information enables physicians to embark on a far more precise and discriminate clinical assessment of the findings in their patients, whereby they are able to discern the proper set of priorities according to how they respectively relate to the true origin of diseases while disregarding those of low meaning.  Unfortunately, most of the time in daily practice, the opposite is true.  Not the least of all, naturopathic physicians will be able to recognize and effectively address numerous very important and clinically vital interrelationships that exist among toxicological and infectious agents on the one hand (the true culprits behind all chronic diseases), and immune, endocrine, vascular and excretory systems on the other.  These crucial connections have eluded the proper spotlight even among the majority of MDs, who have had far more extensive training in these disciplines, and they account for great inconsistencies in outcomes and outright failures in both conventional and alternative medicine.

            Secondly, it endows them with the most profound diagnostic and therapeutic modality available today – bio-resonance testing which has undergone a truly revolutionary scientific advancement, thanks to the guidance of my science mentor, Stanford University Professor Emeritus of Materials Science, William A. Tiller, and the experience of this presenter.  This allows practitioners to uncover numerous layers of otherwise hidden intoxications and infirmities, even down to the DNA level.

            The third fundamental component is a novel way of applying homeopathy to rid the body of deep intoxications and other pernicious agents and to simultaneously revitalize the damaged organs and tissues.  This closes the gap between the prevailing potent but non-specific nature of classical homeopathy in the care of chronic degenerative diseases on the one hand and the lack of the necessary depth of action on the part of complex homeopathic preparations on the other.  The homeopathic method in use is both pinpoint-specific and profound in its therapeutic reach.

            Another seminal issue that this method teaches is how to avoid the common, but poorly recognized, liability of many detoxification modalities whereby there ensues an insidious, random and widespread redistribution of the stirred-up toxic agents leading to iatrogenic damage in a far greater number of cases than practitioners have realized. 

            Furthermore, proper emphasis is placed on addressing therapy-blocking patient factors of nutritional, environmental, electromagnetic, emotional and other natures.

            The attendees will be presented with actual facts concerning this extraordinary system – documented cases of serious chronic diseases that were reversed through its application.

            In conclusion, this system equips its students with important knowledge, precise diagnosis and powerful “right on target” therapeutic means.  I have just completed a very successful teaching tour in Great Britain and Ireland that was organized by your colleagues in leading naturopathic associations of the respective nations.  Close to 90% of attendees expressed their commitment to introduce this system into their practices.  I will append a few of the numerous positive remarks I have received from them about the course.

            I am certain that your members, likewise, will find this topic of notable significance and challenge.  I will be looking forward to your comments concerning this proposal.

With regards,

Savely Yurkovsky, MD
SYY Integrated Health Systems, Ltd.

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