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FCT® Basic Level Seminar curriculum

Letter to Prospective Students written by Savely Yurkovsky, MD, April 2005

A Letter Straight from the Inventor

Dear Colleagues,

         For the last 20 years, I have been working on creating a new medical system. The result is an integrated new understanding of health complete with its own principles, diagnostics and therapeutics. My efforts have sprung from two fundamental motives. The first was personal: the severe illness of my son, who couldn’t be helped via anything available in conventional or alternative medicine. The second was my professional disenchantment with the way medicine has been practiced: treating diseases without any understanding of how they come about or what their sustaining forces are.

         Why, one might ask, did I need to develop a new system rather than turning to any one of the hundreds of alternative modalities already available, or a combination thereof? Much as their successes impress, with even stunning results at times, it was because their prevailing outcome in the care of chronic diseases is – let’s face it – failure. A haphazard ‘pick-and-mix’ combining of these modalities does not fare much better; and the more advanced the illness, the more common the defeats.

         In order to understand, however, why these therapies produce such erratic outcomes, I had to undertake a study of many disciplines which are either not a part of any conventional or alternative curricula, or which are studied in isolation from one another. It was necessary to integrate this vast body of knowledge by making crucial links bridging more than one field. To name a few: physics; quantum physics; energy-related modern biology/biophysics; toxicology; immunology; immuno-toxicology; endocrinology; and laws governing complex living systems such as human beings.

         The main objective of this quest was to answer three searching questions: 

1. Why do people get sick ? 

A:      Yes, we know there are viruses, bacteria, fungi, parasites, pollutants, heavy metals, pesticides, faulty diet, vaccination or pharmaceutical side effects, genetic predispositions, stress, emotional factors, structural misalignments, dental issues, and so on.

Q:     But the question is, are there just a few – perhaps even a very few – main “players” amongst these that once missed will cause a continuous vulnerability to the slew of other factors?
A:      Yes, indeed.

2. What are these main few causative disease factors on the “most wanted” list and what diagnostic tools can we use to apprehend them?

A:      Answering the latter question, only energetic means of testing (bio-resonance) can penetrate deep enough into the electromagnetic cellular domains which control our physiology to give us meaningful results. Other forms of testing tend to be insufficient, superficial and even misleading, owing to the laws of nature governing living systems.

Q:     Why then do bio-resonance practitioners on the whole – be it Applied Kinesiology, Electroacupuncture According to Voll (EAV), Electro Dermal Testing (EDT), VEGA, or other forms – not enjoy a very consistent rate of success, especially in chronic and difficult cases, the litmus test for any therapeutic approach?
A:      They lack key knowledge in 3 crucial areas: (1) physics; (2) toxicology; and (3) medicine in the broadest sense as taught at the best medical schools. As a result of the first, they do not have the means to test organs on multiple energetic levels and are, instead, confined only to the most superficial ones. As a result of the second, they do not discern ‘the main few’ causative disease factors, instead pursuing many others, secondary and tertiary in importance, chosen rather haphazardly. And due to the third, they fail to establish certain key relationships and priorities among their findings. All these lead in the long run to a fruitless endeavour.

3. What is the single deepest therapeutic intervention of all?

 A:      Homeopathy, by far.      

Q:     Why?               
A:      Because homeopathy acts on the deepest level of physiology – cellular energy fields.

Q:     Why then is classical homeopathy not by and of itself the main solution?
A:      Because classical prescribing is very nonspecific in relation to states of chronic toxicity, which have become the principal medical issue facing us today in just about 100% of people living in industrialized nations. This could be described as a severe modern ‘obstacle’; a frequent block to the efficacy of homeopathy or any other therapy.

Q:     What form of homeopathy can help us deal with this problem, then?
A:      Causative homeopathy – employed in a unique fashion in FCT® to address the root causes of illness directly and thus dismantle the true mechanisms responsible for disease states. This is distinct from both classical and complex homeopathy, and is in its own right a complete self-contained therapeutic system, as taught on the FCT® curriculum.

Q:     What are the most fundamental aspects of FCT®?
A:      A knowledge and understanding of what to treat or ignore in diseases. An awareness of which are ‘the main few’ causative factors, and how they interact with, exacerbate and predispose one to the many other secondary influences. A choice of proper diagnostic tools, deep and reliable therapeutic means, and focused objectives and priorities each step of the way.

Q:     What sort of illnesses can be treated using FCT®?
A:      Numerous and diverse conditions, because in essence they are not as many or as diverse as they appear on the surface. What are indeed diverse are the individual constitutional weaknesses which create so many apparent differences in the manifestation of disease – but ‘the main few’ factors which attack them remain the same. 

         Join us for three intense days that will change forever the way you have viewed or practiced medicine. The feedback from previous students of the FCT® curriculum speaks for itself.

Savely Yurkovsky, MD
SYY Integrated Health Systems, Ltd.

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