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The Field Control Therapy® (FCT) Curriculum


There are two classes of student:

(a) Educational Experience: This is for those with an interest in fundamental health issues which affect us all, and in hearing the cutting-edge insights of one of the world's foremost pioneers of energy medicine, homeopathy, bio-resonance and healing.

For these students, every part of the FCT curriculum - from only 3 days up to a whole year - will be of equal relevance and interest. Many healthcare practitioners and healers attend introductory (and also advanced) FCT seminars for the immense general educational (and financial) benefit of learning all the ways in which medicine and society have gone wrong, and how to put it right.

(b) Professional Ambition: This is for those who would like to take it even further and learn to practise FCT. Whether or not you take it to this step, the FCT curriculum is of fundamental relevance and importance to us all. However, if you then take up a serious interest in practising FCT as well, then there is an extended programme to facilitate this.

Seminars with Dr Yurkovsky

All students should study the syllabus with Dr Yurkovsky via all of his DVD courses and webinars, which complement the Graduate Programme hands-on training.

These excellent educational courses on video provide essential training in the foundation, science, theory and practice, alongside an abundance of live case demonstrations and advanced tips, directly from the founder of FCT, taught at seminars over the years.

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