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FCT® Advanced Clinical Seminar


Intensive 4-day clinical workshop for the graduates of Basic and Advanced seminars

This is the third in the series of Dr Yurkovsky's seminars, following on from the previous Basic Level (3 days) and Advanced Level (3 days) Seminars. Together, Dr Yurkovsky's DVD seminars constitute his contribution to the overall FCT graduate training programme, separate from the training modules of the graduate programme itself which is designed to complement these courses from Dr Yurkovsky.

This seminar was conceived as a "super-advanced" seminar for the advanced FCT students at the time (2007) to complete their graduate training programme by spending 4 days watching Dr Yurkovsky treating some of his own patients, updating the group on his many recent innovations and breakthroughs, and generally answering any remaining advanced questions, covering remaining topics, and so on. Four days were decided on, instead of three, because the amount of material to pack in was literally too much for a smaller space, so this was a seminar rich with important information and learning.

The Advanced Clinical Seminar took place for the first time on October 12th-15th 2007, in White Plains, NY, USA. The event was videoed and made available afterwards as a DVD home study course, which can be obtained as follows:

The programme information is listed below, as copied from Dr Yurkovsky's original information letter about it:

Intensive Post-Graduate Clinical Training
in the groundbreaking medical system:
Guided Digital MedicineTM
by Savely Yurkovsky, MD,
at the Crowne Plaza
66 Hale Avenue
White Plains, NY
(914) 682-0050.

 October 12-15, 2007.
 Sponsored by SYY Integrated Health Systems, Ltd.

Seminar Programme:

  • Integrating the vast information of all of the previous FCT seminars.

  • Presentation, testing and detailed analysis of very ill and puzzling patients, in person, and otherwise, with diverse pathologies.

  • Body mapping: An additional testing method designed for particularly ill patients.

  • Is there a progressive potency adaptability to on the part of patients?  If yes, what to do?

  • Newest BRT and Rx. tips with more on diagnostic uses of Vacuum filter – uncovering positive findings behind negative readings.

  • Management of a very difficult patient.

  • Brief discussion concerning the physiology of the endocrine system.

  • Can DNA be a universal and perfect detoxifier by and of itself?     

  • When there is no way out:  Blood autoisode treatments. The miracles and dangers of.  Its modifications: whole blood vs. serum isodes in addressing multi-toxic, infectious and autoimmune states.

  • Dead end street:  sick white blood cells.  Diagnostic and therapeutic strategy.

  • Life prolongation, the FCT way: FCT's single remedy for longevity.

  • Re-emphasizing an importance of the body's main power engine – endocrine system – in overall health and immune competence.

    • A new and powerful way of recharging the immune and endocrine systems: alloying homeopathic sarcodes and glandulars.
  • Role of skeletal muscles in low energy states.

  • Problem-solving algorithm:  Examining the entire (patho) physiologic loop.

  • Knowing our strengths and weaknesses: medical models and importance of their clear understanding.  What they are and aren't capable of.

    • a) Analysis of the key difference between conceptually weak and hopeless models and minor technical weaknesses within sound and robust ones: A missing bolt in the sound model of spaceship vs. attaching wings to a refrigerator.
      b) Conceptual collapse of pharmaceutical medicine. Dangers of zinc and other supplements.
  • Examining  the entire immune network.

  • To beef or not to beef: importance of animal source proteins and saturated fats in detoxification of heavy metals. 

  • Can bones be involved in systemic ill effects ?

  • Testing and treating at the fundamental evolutionary level: Are we all just a bunch of evolved microbes?

  • Lyme disease

    • Since the publication of my article: "Guided Digital MedicineTM, Lyme Disease and Petri Dish Mentality", I have been treating a large number of these patients who expectedly had failed on multiple alternative and conventional treatments. Several salient points to be presented concerning this crippling illness:
      a) Its truly epidemic nature of frightening proportions.
      b) Its treacherous and disguising nature where it can mask itself as many other diseases. 
      c) It phenomenal symptomatic similarity to mercury.
      d) Its ability to harbor and release mercury in chronic cases.
      e) Just only a few key traits that can differentiate them from one another, which are indispensable in treatment choice.
      f) The management of Lyme disease: skills, precision, patience.
      g) Case presentations of extremely ill Lyme patients: CFS, paralysis, seizures, ALS, MS, encephalitis.
  • New research findings confirming FCT®'s infections-metals connection.

  • New research confirming FCT®'s contention concerning EMF's role in our speedy demise.

  • New research findings concerning microbes' ability to insert their DNA into ours!

  • Attention boys: Is the honeymoon indeed over?  New statistics concerning the recent and rapid decline in sperm counts and in the fountain of youth – testosterone levels – in men around the world!

    • Attention girls: You are on your own.

      Case presentations

  • Presentation of a more expanded and global model of health and disease.  Its salient practical implications in daily practice and expanding on what progress and at what pace to expect from every patient.

  • Basic laws of therapy and mode of its administration: model, means, frequency, length, etc.

  • Students testing themselves utilizing newly learned information as time allows.

In conclusion, this is turning out to be the best FCT® teaching forum ever.

© Copyright 2007 Simon Rees ND & Kevin Eakins ND

Disclaimer: The information at this website is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Always seek the advice of your doctor with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. The content of this website comprises only the observations and opinions of the authors and contributors: it does not constitute medical advice to readers.

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